Hello world!

Hello world!

It took me waaaaay too long to figure out what to say. I always said I would never start a blog because I just feel really weird about it. Like it’s awkward, and a little weird that you’re all reading my journal. But don’t get excited, I’m not telling you who my crush is! (It’s Robert, hands down)


Shurtleff_Wedding (304)

So, I started this because OCCASIONALLY I have this moment where I’m like “Oh my gosh, Martha Stewart IS my mom, and she taught me so much.” Sorry Mom, but you know how much I love Martha. I watched her every day with my grammy. So I have these ideas and I want to share them with everyone. Because keeping it in is just rude. So I’ll be posting soon on everything from: How to Use Leftover Crafts, Budget Friendly Decor, Diy Floral Arrangements, Beauty Tips Before Your Big Day. And SO much MORE!!!! Stay tuned friends… It’s going to be exciting.




XO, Jessica

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