Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

You might be wondering “What’s the big deal with hiring a Wedding Planner? I’m capable of doing it myself and I have plenty of help from my family and friends.” I also thought the same thing! And if you read my previous post then you understand now why I’m a believer in hiring a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator.

20 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner



Here are 20 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Planner

1. A Wedding Planner can save you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes

2. They have the best contacts in the industry and know which vendors are best

3. They can negotiate deals in your behalf to get you the best price

4. They have knowledge of the best ways to entertain your guests and make it truly memorable

5. They allow you to have A LIFE and not spend all your time comparing prices and planning

6. They are the go to person so you aren’t the bad guy when making decisions

7. They allow you to be completely stress free and enjoy being engaged

8. They take on the logistics so you can focus on the fun stuff

9. A good Wedding Planner helps bring YOUR vision to life

10. They also create an event that’s timeless and avoids the fads

11. They attend your rehearsal to coordinate your bridal party

12. On the day of they are the go to when everyone has questions so you can relax

13. They make sure the bridal party sticks to the schedule

14. They set up and style your event, so your friends and family don’t feel forced to

15. Wedding planners can find solutions to unexpected problems

16. They have the final say over every decision on the day of so it stays true to your style

17. They make sure all of your guests are taken care of

18. They make sure you stick to your timeline and enjoy every moment of it

19. A wedding planner packs up at the end of the night

20. You can’t repeat this day, so it’s priceless to hire a professional

If you still want to do most of the planning yourself and want to save some money, just hire the wedding planner as a Day of Coordinator so they can take the load off of you the last month (which is the most stressful) and take care of everything for rehearsal and the day of. You will NOT regret it! And oh by the way, just hire ME!

XO, Jess

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