Why I Became A Wedding Planner

Why I Became A Wedding Planner

A friend of mine said I should write why I became a Wedding Planner because it’s what inspired her to use me as her Day of Coordinator.  Well, just like her I was a DIY Bride, I always knew I was going to plan my own Wedding. It NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND to hire a Wedding Planner because I knew I was capable of doing it myself and this is the fun part! Picking out colors, and flowers and making sure the dresses and tuxes match. You no longer look crazy for having a Wedding board on Pinterest and you just start pinning like crazy! You send pins to your bridesmaids and you have fun craft days. It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Now if this doesn’t sound fun to you, you want to avoid Pinterest fails or you just don’t have the time, then you should definitely hire a Wedding Planner from the beginning. My next post will be reasons to hire a Planner and which options you can choose with a Wedding Planner.

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So why I became a Wedding Planner! Like I said above, I was the DIY Bride and it kind of bit me in the butt in the end. As it was getting closer, I was the one contacting all of my vendors giving them the final details, scheduling their arrival, sending them the itinerary I made, sending the floor plan where they should set up, calling everyone to be at rehearsal on time, and finishing putting the decor together the week of. It was INSANE!

                                                                        “This is fine, Everything’s Fine!”

And the day of, I had no one in charge of keeping the timeline going, so there were some delays… And while I was getting ready on site,  I was watching my poor mom and close friends running around trying to set the event without ruining their hair and make-up. I’m forever grateful for them but wish I didn’t use family and friends like that because that’s stressful for them. And even though the point was to take that stress off me and allow me to just get ready and relax… That just wasn’t possible. Because I was the mastermind behind it! They had to run in a couple of times to ask me questions about how to set up or make final decisions. It was stressful! And I was last to get ready because of delays in timing and not having one person in charge. I wasn’t able to be ready in time and only had about 15 minutes for the reveal and pictures before the ceremony. I then had to make up that time after the ceremony and it cut into our time for celebrating.

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Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVED my Wedding. But I did learn a lot of lessons. I learned unique tips, and I learned not to make rookie mistakes anymore. There are some things that I would have done differently, and I could’ve avoided those mistakes if I had a professional there to help me out. And hiring a professional also allows your family to enjoy themselves and leave without having to stay and clean up. I felt so bad having them stay. It is TOTALLY worth it to hire someone to allow you, your family and friends to be a guest at your Wedding and enjoy every moment. But looking back, I am so grateful for the people I have in my life and I appreciate SO MUCH all of the hard work they put in to help us have our special day.

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So that’s why I wanted to become a Wedding Planner because I’ve been there and I’ve first hand witnessed a lot of DIY Brides. And you enjoy the process a MILLION times more when you hire a Wedding Planner to take care of all the hard work you put into it. They let you enjoy the fun part! So now that’s what I want to do for others. I looove every part of the process of Wedding and Event Planning from comparing prices, to cleaning up at the end of the night. But if it was my special day, I would hire someone to do that part for me. I have learned so much over these past 5 years and want to continue to pass on everything I’ve learned to future brides. I hope to work with some of you very soon and offer any help I can.

XO, Jess

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